An essential difference between the types of self-defence for men and women is the potential attacker. In the case of men, the attacker is usually a stranger, whereas in about 70% of attacks against women, the perpetrator is someone within the woman’s circle of acquaintances. Even though many women are afraid of walking alone through a park or an underground car park at night, the most dangerous situations are to be found in their everyday lives.


The motivation for attending a self-defence course is generally the same for most women: they don’t want to become the victim of an aggressor, like ones in the cases so often described in the media. Self-defence is about much more than just preventing a physical assault, it means the ability to defend oneself, also in “harmless” situations in everyday life. Defend yourself, for instance against sexist jokes, or when somebody interrupts your speech. Don’t let others test your limits, staring at you or making impertinent compliments.


Many women don’t know how to react in situations such as these; but they already have an „automatic warning system”, which makes them aware of the danger in a situation as soon as it arises. You too have this system. It is called your intuition. It warns you in critical situations, when your mind is still reflecting and your manners and education don’t allow you being rude. But you should always listen to your intuition instead. It is your best adviser and the only alarm mechanism you have in dangerous situations.





The success of Blitzdefence for women lies in the right interpretation of a situation. If  your intuition gives you a warning signal, this will automatically trigger the next steps of the Blitzdefence-concept. You will use a specific rhetoric and body language, in order to solve the problem already at the earliest stage. If this doesn’t help, a physical confrontation can be the consequence. If such a situation arises, you will be able use the effective techniques of WingTsun.


Anybody can learn WingTsun, as its movements are entirely natural and require no previous experience. WingTsun will give you a new sense of physical awareness, and  make you conscious of your inherent strength. Training with a partner develops your  self-confidence and enables you to discover a new sense of security. In role-playing exercises your sense of perception is developed and your WingTsun techniques are combined with conflict-solving techniques. To enable you to defend yourself even against stronger opponents, you will learn to use your physical capabilities to the best effect. You relax, in order to use the opponent's strength and work against him. Already in training you will be practising techniques to lower your stress levels, while benefiting your well-being and health at the same time. Classes are conducted in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. You train in groups, but individually. The capabilities of each individual are reinforced and developed.