An essential difference between the different types of self-defence for women and men is the potential attacker: in about 70% of attacks against women, the perpetrator is someone within the woman’s circle of acquaintances; in the case of men, the attacker usually is a stranger.





You are looking forward to go out with your friends. You have a drink and a good time. Cheerfully you take a look around. Your eyes catch those of a stranger. But you hold the glance a second too long, and when you turn towards your friends again, the stranger gives you a push: “Hey, what are you staring at, what’s your problem?“. Does this situation sound familiar? The circumstances can of course be different; you overlook the fact that another driver is indicating and accidentally take the parking space he was aiming. The adrenalin fuelled man gets out of his car and reminds you in a threatening manner and in no uncertain terms, that it was his parking space. The same threatening behaviour can found in, for instance, a drunken football fan, whose team has lost a match or a thug, who is looking for a victim to get vent his anger and discontent on. Violence among men nearly always follows a certain formula. Before the actual physical fight the aggressor insults his victim. He tests who resists and who doesn’t. He doesn’t look for a fair fight, but strikes suddenly, maybe in the middle of a conversation.


Blitzdefence is the first comprehensive self-defence concept. It gives you a strategy with which to recognise and defuse dangerous situations at an early stage. To do this you use specific conflict-resolving tactics in attempting to avoid a physical confrontation. Only if the aggressor cannot be dissuaded, you employ fighting techniques to put him out of action. These techniques are based on the Chinese martial art of WingTsun, which was developed by a woman more than 250 years ago for defence against male attackers. Without any showy or complicated movements your WingTsun enables you to turn your opponent's strength to your advantage and win the encounter.


Anybody can learn WingTsun, as its movements are entirely natural and require no previous experience. WingTsun will give you a new sense of physical awareness, and make you conscious of your inherent strength. Training with a partner develops your self-confidence and enables you to discover a new sense of security. In role-playing exercises your sense of perception is developed and your WingTsun techniques are combined with conflict-solving techniques. To enable you to defend yourself even against stronger opponents, you will learn to use your physical capabilities to the best effect. You relax, in order to use the opponent's strength work against him. Already in training you will be practising techniques to lower your stress levels, while benefiting your general health at the same time.