Blitzdefence is the first system of self-defence equally suitable for men and women. It is an innovative concept considering the very different requirements female and male course participants will have for a self-defence system. The situations, where women need to be able to defend themselves, often differ greatly from those, which men will experience. Blitzdefence offers a strategy equally useful for both sexes, which, nevertheless, stays true to a philosophy which puts the emphasis on avoiding dangerous situations and on solving conflicts, preferably in a non-violent manner. An essential difference between the types of self-defence for men and women is the potential attacker. In the case of men, the attacker is usually a stranger, whereas in about 70% of attacks against women, the perpetrator is someone within the woman’s circle of acquaintances. Even though many women are afraid of walking alone through a park or an underground car park at night, the most dangerous situations are to be found in their everyday lives.