Even classical WingTsun has numerous effects which go well beyond the aspect of self-defence. Physical awareness, flexibility of movement, the ability to concentrate and physical and mental balance are just some of these. Good health is therefore an additional benefit for the self-defence student right from the start. The special forms in ChiKung, which are a series of stretching and strengthening movements, have such an enormously beneficial effect on the well-being and quality of life of students that it is more than worthwhile to give these principles a special status and spread them within their own system.





Some 15 years ago first contacts were made with a practically unknown but highly effective method in Asian pain treatment. It had parallels with Yip Man's one-time research on the Dim-Mak points. Yip Man considered that using them to cause injury was unrealistic, however he described their pain-alleviating effect in combat. Some of these points were able to return injured combatants to the fight within minutes. In fact, this method is ”practical WingTsun”. Muscle-stretching exercises and pressure point massage are used to relax the muscles, which enables the imbalances which cause pain to be eliminated. In 1992, after many years of research, Grandmaster Leung Ting introduced the so-called ”Health Siu-Nim-Tau” into the WingTsun curriculum. A few years later, initial contact was made with Master Chu. In Europe, Sifu Roland Liebscher-Bracht and a number of other senior instructors furthered their knowledge in this field, and eventually ChiKung was included in EWTO’s training curriculum for instructors and assistant instructors.




Any WT instructor who wishes to become more involved in the health aspects can specialize on WT ChiKung. The more capable in WT, the more suitable he/she is for WT ChiKung, as all the physical attributes are already there. These are now combined with specific knowledge during WT ChiKung instructor training, with movements in the WT ChiKung forms concentrating on movement and awareness. The level required as a basis for ChiKung training is reached between the fifth and eighth student grade in WingTsun.

The basic level in ChiKung is devoted to the fundamental principles. It creates the conditions for actual WT ChiKung training and is usually absolved together with the next level, the primary level. This level is concerned with the knowledge required for assistant instructors (trainer 1-3 seminars and other aspects which must be familiar to WT teachers or instructors who teach WT self-defence). In addition to general movement anatomy and basic use of WT pressure point massage (acupressure), the participant learns general muscle-lengthening and WT-specific strengthening exercises which are a fixed part of the EWTO training model.

The primary stage, the first actual WT ChiKung training stage, imparts the material which enables the participant to teach WT ChiKung up to the 4th student grade after passing an examination. The main focus here is on the shoulders, arms and hands, their specific anatomy, special muscle-lengthening and stretching/strengthening exercises for these areas, the first WT ChiKung form as a derivative of the Siu-Nim-Tau, the specific pressure points in the shoulder/arm/hand area and the pressure techniques, breathing exercises and supplementary ChiKung exercises which individually contribute to good health. The intermediate stage is devoted to the pelvic, leg and foot areas and enables the participant to teach WT ChiKung up to the 8th student grade after passing an examination. The advanced stage concerns itself with the torso and head. Passing the examination entitles the participant to teach student grades 9 to 12. In the advanced stage great emphasis is also placed on breathing and breathing techniques as the major motive force for internal movement.



New energy from movements based on WT, supple muscles and prolonged perspiration to burn off body fat: that is FrequenChi. Other benefits include an optimised metabolism and plenty of fun. First there are simple movement sequences, footwork, punches and self-defence techniques to achieve the best possible body temperature for burning off fat. Fatty acids flow into the bloodstream and are burned in the muscles to generate energy. The specially chosen movements based on WingTsun ChiKung principles bring the joints and muscles into equilibrium. At the end of a FrequenChi session, the body's operating temperature sinks back to day-to-day levels, and gentle stretching and breathing exercises relax and supply the body with oxygen. The body continues to burn off fat long after the training session has ended, leaving a feeling of power and well-being. In FrequenChi we combine WT as a highly efficient self-defence system with the health-promoting aspects of WingTsun ChiKung. Accordingly this endurance training has everything we need to do us good in our stressful day-to-day and professional lives.