In today's world children are faced by numerous challenges and problems, ranging from the growing lack of physical exercise to mobbing, bullying and anti-social behaviour. The children often lack sufficient positive role models in and outside school, which leaves the door wide open for influences that may not be compatible with the views and values the parents hold dear or want to pass on to their kids. The WingTsun courses for children (WT Kids) introduce the young ones to the world of martial arts in an educational and fun way. Our focus lies on ”life skills”, which means that children learn WingTsun techniques as a means to an end and not as an end in itself. Our instructors instil a strict code of conduct during training that will help a young person to recognise him or herself as a responsible and valued member of the group. The WT Kids training will help your children (from 5 to 12) to instill a new kind of enthusiasm in engaging with themselves and others in a positive and constructive way. Our objective is to promote positive personal development in the young generation: increasing confidence, fitness, discipline, awareness and attention. This will be achieved through games and exercises that are great fun. The games also provide the basis for practical self-defence based on the principles of WingTsun.