1st  Principle:  If the way is clear, go forward!

By this basic principle the attack is controlled in every fighting situation from the very beginning. The WT student responds to the overstepping of the safety distance by use of the “universal solution”.  By means of which, in principle, the opponent aggressiveness has no significant role.

2nd  Principle: If resistance is met, stick with it! 

If the aggressor prevents the WT student’s punch, the WT student keeps contact with the defence.

3rd  Principle: If you encounter greater force, yield!

On the basis of the different pressures it comes to " tactile " reflexes (Chi Sao reflexes). These passive self-defence reflexes, led from the opponent, are absolutely adaptable and they neutralize the aggressor’s energy. WT is a soft style!

4th  Principle: If the opponent withdraws, follow!

On the basis of the constant forward-pressure the WT student breaks through “automatically”, like water. Therefore the 4th principle is a consequence of the forward-pressure. While carrying out the performance of 2nd and 3rd principles in “Chi Sao training” (sticking hands), you practice all 4 principles in “Lat Sao training” (free fight). The mobility-repertoire is learned in the WT-form. The principles and movement-patterns barely limit the richness of movements you find in WingTsun. Hardly any boundaries are set to self-acting and the student’s individual concept.






1.  Free yourself from your own strength!

2.  Free yourself from your opponent’s strength!

3.  Use your opponent’s strength against him!

4.  Add your strength to that of your opponent!