Whereas a prospective student is nowadays informed about the terms and conditions of studying WingTsun in an open and uncomplicated manner, and is usually able to begin training without delay, a good deal of patience, perseverance and enthusiasm was required of him when WingTsun first came to Europe. Anybody who sought admission to the training room with words to the effect of "I'd like to come in and watch!" was politely but firmly informed that in a traditional KungFu school it is not the teacher who seeks to gain the favour of new students, but the prospective student who asks to be admitted. Only after a number of conversations and tests was a Sifu/Todai (teacher/student) relationship finally established. This strict admissions policy was the reason why WingTsun long remained an exclusive martial art which was only known to very few martial arts enthusiasts, and were learned albeit with total commitment - by even fewer.  After opening itself to the public more and more since the end of the 1980s, the European WingTsun Organisation (EWTO) nowadays is the largest professional martial arts association in Europe. EWTO Denmark is part of this network and offers you the unique opportunity to learn traditional KungFu on a professional level at the WT Academy in Odense and in WT Schools all over Denmark.



At the WT Academy in Odense you will learn not only fighting techniques and strategies, but also as in all martial arts strenghten your character and personality. WingTsun is a traditional Chinese martial art with firm and irrefutable principles, but the environment constantly changes its conditions. Therefore WingTsun is alive, constantly developing and always flexible. Among our training offers you will find first-class products, like the arts of WingTsun and Escrima as well as valuable auxiliaries  such as ChiKung, Tai Chi, Yoga, health teachings and special courses for children, women, elders and teenagers. Many students find the way into our school, because they would like to learn self-defence techniques. Many discover, however, that KungFu is much more than that: a bit of real happiness.