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Have you ever thought about being a martial arts instructor, being owner of a martial arts school and earn your living with the thing you most like?

EWTO Denmark is looking for enthusiastic people who want to become martial arts instructors. We can give you the knowledge and help you on your way to success with WingTsun as a regular occupation, as part-time job or as assistant teacher at our academy. Be part of the most successful  martial arts organisation in Europe, learn and teach one of the most effective martial arts systems in the world.
You can start the training at all time. For more detailed information do not hesitate to contact us (email:

WT as a (part-time) profession?

Classic teaching and learning concepts are cast in stone, but are often no longer adequate. Entire professions are dying out, and some industries are disappearing entirely. Nowadays, how many school-leavers can say what they will be doing in five years time? Nobody really knows what the future holds. But new opportunities are opening up for well-trained people who are not afraid to work hard and enter uncharted territory. The transformation from an industrial to a service economy is gathering pace, and the recreational sector in particular is growing in importance (fitness, sport, health-management, relaxation, self-discovery). Many have already achieved a good income, independence and self-fulfilment here. Some have even created a new career which would have been beyond their wildest dreams in their old jobs. And others have made their hobby into a profession or a satisfying part-time occupation. Have you ever thought of building your future on WT? Well, you need to be flexible and entrepreneurial in outlook, also wide-awake and active. Are you good at handling people? Can you take physical and mental stress? Do you have at least some start-up capital? Do you want to be independent, be your own boss and organise your time to suit you? Why not put the WT skills you have gained to profitable use?


Sifu Kasper Lund Nielsen with longpole


Becoming a WT instructor

WT instructors are usually self-employed, or retained by one of the many sports centres or fitness clubs that have sprung up everywhere. We advise you to start on a part-time basis until you have gained enough self-confidence and experience, and can also assess the financial prospects fairly reliably. You are protected against competition from within our own ranks by the area exclusivity scheme operated by the worldwide WT organisation for the Leung Ting system, which is currently represented in 64 countries and is the largest Chinese martial arts association for a single style. Not everybody can call himself a WT-instructor. The terms "WingTsun", "WT" and "Leung Ting WingTsun" are protected by copyright to prevent misuse and ensure that the interested student receives training to a high quality level. WT training for instructors in Denmark is organised by the WT Academy in Odense, which offers various training courses ranging from full-time training at the academy with more than 24 hours of lessons per week to weekend courses and seminars in our schools all over Denmark. Combination courses and individually tailored courses of study are also possible.

Who can take part?

Anybody over 18 years of age who does not have a criminal record for violence.


How long will it take? In the case of a trainee with little or no WT experience, the entire technical and theoretical training (including teaching practice) takes approximately 2 years. An individually arranged combination course is possible on request.

When can I start?

You can begin training at any time. Instruction at the WT Academy is on an individual basis, as the classes are very small. Instructor training is supervised by the Danish National Teacher, Sifu Kasper Lund Nielsen, 4th Technician level Leung Ting system.


Sifu Kasper Lund Nielsen